randal 2First and foremost, I want everyone to know what an honor this was for me to be working with the Pucino family and Matthew’s foundation to improve the very difficult life I have. Matthew was on my mind the whole time. I had pictures of him everywhere, as a daily reminder to me about the true nature of the Pucino’s and everything the family is doing and what their mission is. They came into my life at a very dark and difficult time. I truly believe that God had put us in touch.

Before Meeting the Pucino’s I had no independence, no way to get places by myself. No sense of independence and it was in my head that my future was bleak. Things definitely changed for me upon having the distinct honor of being a part of Matthew’s foundation. It’s meant more to me than words can explain to anyone who is not in the unfortunate situation I have ended up in.

Matthew’s Foundation was able to raise the money and purchase a new truck for me that will be fitted with a wheelchair lift. I will now have independence for the first time in my life since 2010 when I stepped on an IED in Afghanistan losing 3 of my limbs. Since then I have been stuck at home not able to get out on my own to meet people, to go places, or participate in family events.

I now will have the ability to go anywhere and everywhere without that burden on my back. It’s been a true blessing for me and I have found myself in tears many times lately because I can feel a change in my attitude and myself that I’ve not had, in what seems like an eternity. My outlook is no longer bleak and dark, but bright and promising. I can picture a future that is now so much brighter than the one I saw before meeting the Pucino’s. I can’t thank you all enough who were involved in making this possible. Especially Matthew, who God bless his soul, has given all, but even in death is still able to give and help, which I can only pray will keep him alive inside the hearts of those who know and love him.

unnamedThis has been a true blessing and I am so thankful for the future I now have to look forward to. Every friend I make, every person I meet, every unique place and events that take place in the future, I will always attribute to you and your family and Matthew’s foundation. The people who are responsible for all these things, the future has to offer and all of the future blessings that come my way can only be summed up as truly humbling.  Thank you all and God Bless you Matthew, Lisa, family, and those who made this dream a reality!

Marine LCpl Randal P. Wright